Fumiyo Ikeda

Fumiyo Ikeda, born in 1962 in Osaka, Japan. In 1979, she entered MUDRA, Maurice Béjart’s dance school, where she met Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. In 1983 she joined the newly-founded company Rosas. Between 1983 and 2008 she contributed to the creation of and danced in almost all the productions: Rosas danst Rosas, Elena’s Aria, Bartók / Aantekeningen, Mikrokosmos, Ottone,Ottone, Stella, Achterland, Toccata, Just Before, Drumming, I said I, In Real Time,Rain, April me, the Repertory Evening, Bitches Brew/ Tacoma Narrows, Kassandra, Raga for the Rainy Season, D’un soir un jour, Zeitung and the revivals of Mozart / Concert Arias and Woud. Fumiyo also contributed to several of Rosas’ films and videos: Répétitions, Hoppla!, Monoloog van Fumiyo Ikeda op het einde van Ottone Ottone, Ottone Ottone I & II, Rosa, Achterland and CounterPhrases. Alongside her activity within Rosas, Fumiyo Ikeda also worked with Steve Paxton, Needcompany, Josse De Pauw and Tom Jansen. She has participated in several films and theatre plays. In 2007 she created Nine Finger with Benjamin Verdonck and Alain Platel. This performance was selected for the Festival d’Avignon 2007.  She appeared in the production in pieces, a collaboration with the British playwright and director Tim Etchells that premiered in june 2009. She performed in Life and Times, Episode 2, a performance in collaboration with Nature Theater of Oklahoma (2010). Since last season, she performes in the revival of Drumming and Elena’s Aria, and she leads the repetitions of Rosas danst Rosas and Bartók/Mikrokosmos. From March 2013, She is performing Nine Finger again with Stijn Van Optal instead of Benjamin Verdonck.


1962年大阪生まれ。1979年、モーリス・ベジャールのムードラ(ブリュッセル)に入学。同校でアンヌ・テレサ・ドゥ・ケースマイケルと出会い、1983年共にローザスを結成。以来、2008年までほぼ全ての作品の創作に携わり出演する。ローザスの多くの映画やビデオ作品にも参加し、ジャンルを超えて活動を広げる。2007年以降は自身の作品も創作。アラン・プラテルとベンヤミン・ヴォルドンクと共に創った「ナインフィンガー」イギリスの演出家ティム・エッチェルスと共に創った「in pieces」そしてニューヨークの演劇グループ、ネイチャー・シアター・オブ・オクラホマと「Life&Times Episode2」を発表。現在はローザスの初期作品のリハーサルディレクターを務めると共に、「エレナス・アーリア」、「ドラミング」のローザスの作品をダンサーとしてツアー中、「ナイン・フィンガー」を新しい役者、ステーン・ヴァン・ドゥ・オップスタルと再演中である。

Un Yamada

Un Yamada was born in 1969 in Tochigi, Japan. She started her career as a choreographer in 1996. She finds inspiration and motifs in everyday gestures and actions, and blends them with her unique sense of humor and wit. Un Yamada founded her own company Co. Yamada Un in 2002. Since then, the company performed in 27 cities in Japan and 20 cities in 12 other countries. She regularly works together with musicians and develops choreographies for theatre performances and operas. Her unique stage presence – energetic and feeble at the same time – and her witty concepts have lead to collaborations not only with fellow dancers and choreographers but also with mathematicians and physicists, for instance.

This is not Un Yamada’s first collaboration with a dancer/ choreographer residing in Brussels. In 2007, she worked with Yukiko Shinozaki (deepbleu, Brussels) to create hibi (meaning “everyday” as well as “crack” in Japanese), which was presented at Vooruit, Kaaitheater, and Stuk in Belgium, and at Kichijoji Theater in Tokyo.



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